Production of high precision
mechanical parts

Special processes

  • Thermal projection

    Gemma's industrial site is equipped with a HVOF cabin, and a plasma thermal projection cabin.

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  • Non Destructive Inspection

    The 2 HITIM Group's industrial sites are equipped with a laboratory for Non Destructive Inspection (Fluorescent Partial Inspection, Magnetical Partical Inspection...), and they are owning Nadcap qualification. 

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  • Processes

    HITIM Group proposes different processes : Alodine Gluing EDM Fitting by thermal difference Balancing Passivate Steels's grinding Chromium's grinding Setting Automatic deburring

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  • Heat treatment

    HITIM Group controls the following technicals  : Titanium hardening (Hispano-Suiza qualification) Tempering Stress Relieve Stabilization

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  • Inspection and Tests

    Hitim Group ensure's his customers : Dimensional inspection Hardness inspection Geometric inspection Tri-dimensional inspection Splines Inspection Metallography Torsion test

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