Production of high precision
mechanical parts

Capabilities & Know-how

For more than 50 years,
the HITIM Group has been producing the best of high precision mechanics products and services required by high-tech industries.
From material supply through final assembly, each step of a production cycle and each service provided takes advantage of the HITIM Group’s outstanding industrial facilities.
The HITIM Group guarantees total traceability and identification of the manufacturing processes as well as a high quality level for each part produced.

The HITIM Group specializes in the machining of:

  • Very High precision small and medium parts
  • Complex assemblies and medium size parts delivered in kits or assembled by various assembling techniques

From prototypes, to single pieces or small and medium series :

The HITIM Group leverages its mastery of various machining techniques in order to reach micron-level precision on complex and highly-machined shapes in various materials:

Alloyed Steels, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Inconel, Graphite, Zirconium alloys, Beryllium alloys, Iron, Nickel, Cobalt, Tungsten…

Because its customers want a comprehensive response to their requirements, the HITIM group has integrated from the very beginning key high precision expertise and special processes making HITIM a High Technology Integrated manufacturer.
The HITIM Group is characterized by the integration of diverse technical expertise and know-how that is complementary to high-precision mechanics.

In addition to products and parts manufactured in accordance with specifications

the HITIM Group provides a variety of services such as :

  • Complete assemblies production
  • Kit management
  • Advice on plan and manufacturing
  • Management of subcontractors

HITIM uses its high-precision equipment and special processes, its highly qualified staff and its well-honed expertise in the requirements of high-precision mechanics to respond to the demands of high-technology industries.

Ongoing investment in new technology, methods and latest generation equipment, coupled with the Group’s expertise ensures its long term capability to deliver the best of high precision mechanics to its clients.

To know more about HITIM group industrial capabilities, please look at our

The in-house integration of key mechanical engineering expertise makes of HITIM a top ranking partner offering:

  • Quick response to any enquiry thanks to complete control of production cycles
  • Enhanced confidentiality thanks to in-house mastery of multiple techniques
  • Traceability and repeatability of the most complex processes
  • Elimination of transport-related risks
  • Reduction of time between operations, resulting in faster final delivery
  • High precision machining

    High precision machining is the main activity of HITIM Group. For the 2 industrial sites, the main activities are : cutting, turning and milling.

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  • Additional Mechanics

    To complement its main business of high-precision machining, HITIM Group controls grinding techniques (teeth, flat, cylindrical), EDM, assembly, finishing ...HITIM Group also offers its customers its expertise in drilling, grinding, broaching, calibration, pointing, plane and circular reaming ...

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  • Thermal projection

    Gemma's industrial site is equipped with a HVOF cabin, and a plasma thermal projection cabin.

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  • Non Destructive Inspection

    The 2 HITIM Group's industrial sites are equipped with a laboratory for Non Destructive Inspection (Fluorescent Partial Inspection, Magnetical Partical Inspection...), and they are owning Nadcap qualification. 

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  • Processes

    HITIM Group proposes different processes : Alodine Gluing EDM Fitting by thermal difference Balancing Passivate Steels's grinding Chromium's grinding Setting Automatic deburring

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  • Heat treatment

    HITIM Group controls the following technicals  : Titanium hardening (Hispano-Suiza qualification) Tempering Stress Relieve Stabilization

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  • Inspection and Tests

    Hitim Group ensure's his customers : Dimensional inspection Hardness inspection Geometric inspection Tri-dimensional inspection Splines Inspection Metallography Torsion test

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  • Welding & Brazing

    On Gemma's site, we are using brazing, TIG welding and FE welding. These techniques are for instante used for nuclear industry.

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  • Logistic

    HITIM Group is managing its purchases and procurements. Hitim is ensuring the management of customers's orders, in France and internationally, and is proposing to its customers the possibility of buffer stocks.

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  • Methods

    The 2 industrial facilities of HITIM Group are owning their methods service, and are working closely with our customers. 

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  • Quality

    The 2 sites of Soromé & Gemma are owning their quality's service. These independant services are ensuring the internal and external quality (toward our customers and toward our subcontractors)

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  • Assembly

    HITIM is ensuring complementary activities to Mechanics : studs assembly lee-plugs assembly riveting...

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