Production of high precision
mechanical parts




SOROME was first incorporated in 1946. From the beginning, SOROME has specialized in the precision and high precision mechanical fields for the aeronautics, space, military, automotive and hydraulic industries.
SOROME has constantly invested to maintain its leading advanced technological position with a recruitment policy of skilled manpower.
In September 1998 Hervé CASTELLANET and Franck NAGY took over the company after its founder and owner’s death.


SOROME’s major capabilities are:

  • Various machining and assembly techniques (Turning, milling, Surface and cylindrical grinding, cylindrical honing, gear cutting and grinding, braze welding, shrinking, …)
  • Numerous special processes and non destructive inspection (Nital/acid etch, magnetic particle inspection, penetrant testing inspection, …)
  • Value-added Services (Kitting, assembly and test, …)

Because of these diverse capabilities, SOROME is a High Technology Integrated Manufacturer whose expertise is complementary to GEMMA’s know-how within the HITIM Group.

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